About Time


Watching that short video, the scales dropped from my proverbials. Really it is kind of absurd to put up with the way so many banks treat their customers in this day and age. Pens on chains and a scowling face behind bulletproof glass. In what kind of way is that meant to represent good customer service.

There is lot of anger directed towards banks and the bonuses paid to their top executives. I think that a lot of that is down to shoddy impersonal treatment of customers at the retail level. If more customers would switch bank account to one with better customer service then there would probably be a lot less resentment.

Customer relationship management has to be key in today’s world. When your customers can be dragging the name of an organisation through the muck using social media within seconds of the slightest mistake or perceived snub it makes sense to ensure everything possible is being done to make sure customers feel like they are being dealt with by human beings.


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