The Varied Work of Lawyers


Judith gives wordsaboutthings and explains how Access Legal from Shoosmiths ar able to help with a wide variety of legal issues in this video on the Shoosmiths YouTube Channel

“Ask your friends what they think about a lawyer, and the answers and probably not that positive, Here at access-legal from Shoosmiths we think that we don’t fit those negative stereotypes. If you have a look at our website then hopefully you will have seen that were approachable and dependable as well as professional.”


When Will You Need Legal Help?

At various times in your lifetime you are probably going to need a Lawyer. Sometimes they’re for planned events, perhaps moving house, maybe making a will, other times its when something happens to you, maybe an accident, or problem at work. Whenever that situation arises, what your really looking for is someone to build a relationship with, someone who will make it a little easier to get through the particular issue that you’ve got.

Access Legal have brought together a team of specialist solicitors who can help you whatever your legal need.

A wide range of free legal guides are available here –


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