What Is Crimnal Injuries Compensation?


When a crime is committed there is a lot of focus on the criminal. There is the hunt for the perpetrator, the stuff of newspaper headlines and countless TV dramas, and then comes the trial and punishment for the criminal. In all of this it is easy to overlook the impacts of whatever the crime was on victims.

With property crime the issues of compensation are a little bit simpler. Returning property to those that have lost it – and in the any many cases where police are not able to bring anyone to book for a theft, there are insurance claims to be made. In the case where the crime committed has caused injury to a party, then things are more complicated.

First of all there is the issue of who should be paying you compensation. The obvious answer to this is “the attacker, of course”, and while this is the ideal, it is far from being the end of the story. As these solicitors who handle criminal injuries compensation point out, one of types of crimes that frequently result in a claim for compensation are attacks in the workplace.

When a case of criminal injury occurs while one of the parties is at work, the employers of that person may have to be asked for compensation. If a person is  at work when they were subject to an attack, their employers could be approached  for compensation, being as the the injuries were sustained “in the line of duty” as it were. Likewise if a person falls victim to an attack by somebody who is at work at the time, their employers may be called to compensate for the actions of their  lawbreaking workforce.

It can be that the perpetrator of an act of violence has no funds which can be used to compensate their victims. In this circumstance, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, or CICA, can sometimes come to the rescue. It is frequently the case that the levels of compensation that can be gained by going this route are much lower than when a wrong-doer is pursued for recompense directly.


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