What To See In Johannesburg


South Africa is often said to have three capital cities. Johannesburg is not one of them, despite being the largest city in the country by population. Johannesburg is a city of surprises, with much to offer the visitor.

Geographically there are a few quirks which Johannesburg residents are delighted to point out. One is that the city can lay claim to being the worlds largest city that is not located on a coastline, river or lake, with a population of well over a million. The other is that it has as many trees as it does residents, meaning that it is also the world’s largest man made urban forest. The surrounding terrain is savannah, highlighting the achievement.

There is a plethora of things to see and do in Johannesburg. One absolute must is the Apartheid Museum. This is a massive collection of artefacts and multi media exhibits that provides an insight into what life in South Africa was like during this era. This is a very large museum, so allow plenty of time to see it, half a day at least. history buffs will also appreciate the South African national Museum of Military History. Guns,tanks and planes are the order of the day here with the star exhibit being an ultra rare WW2 ME 262 jet fighter. The gift shop here is something to behold with a range of reproduction as well as genuine military equipment for sale.

Art lovers should find plenty to interest them. Not least at the Origins Centre. This is a museum of the , dating back to the earliest times and the very dawn of humanity. South African artists are of course still producing works, and a great place to see some of them is the Chérie De Villiers Gallery. No trip to the city would be complete without a visit to the Johannesburg Art Gallery. This boasts the largest collection of art, both local and international, anywhere on the continent.

It is now possible to get direct flights to Johannesburg from Manchester, meaning that it is easier to get there. ion recent years the road network has seen significant improvement in the road networks, making overland access much easier.


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