Food and water prices skyrocket in Eastern Africa


Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia are among the nations effected by what is called the worst drought in africa for many years. The prices of food and water have skyrocketed, and in countries like Somalia without a stable government, there weren’t much being done to help out in the eventuality of such a drought. The aid agencies have been scrambling to get donations for the africa food crisis.

“This is the worst food crisis of the 21st Century and we are seriously concerned that large numbers of lives could soon be lost. People have already lost virtually everything and the crisis is only going to get worse over the coming months – we need funds to help us reach people with life-saving food and water.” – Jane Cocking, Oxfam’s Humanitarian Director

Oxfam is currently hoping to raise 50 million in aid for families affected in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, hopefully able to aid 3 million people with their important work. The website states that only “£25 will provide clean safe water for 175 people per day”, and that “£50 will feed a family of six for 2 weeks”. Currently thousands of Somalis a week are walking for weeks to reach the refugee camps, with over half of all children arriving malnourished.

In Somalia nearly 2.5 million people require food aid, Uganda – 600,000 people, and Dijbouti 120,00. But startlingly high numbers in Kenya, more specifically the Turkana region, have 3.5 million individuals who requrie aid. Currently in Turkana, a region in north east Kenya, the malnutrition rates are nearly at 1 person in 3 is malnourished – twice the emergency level! The government declared a state of emergency on May 30th, due to the east africa drought.

Even after things manage to stablize again in the countries, the problem arrives that many peoples livelyhoods are ruined. Farmers losing their cattle, not just their crops not growing due to lack of rain. Oxfam believes that just in Kenya there are almost a million animals vulnerable to the drought.

For those who want to make donations that will support Oxfam’s important work to help those affected by the african drought you can do so here.


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