Cyprus – the Island of Surprises


Cyprus combines party going and beautiful scenery; here is some of the best of what this island nation has on offer and advise you on where to see.

Cyprus combines two rich cultures, Turkish and Greek in its languages, culture and even its regions. The country is as ideal of location for archaeologists as it is for sun seekers and partygoers. Now there are direct flights to Larnaca among the options for flights to Cyprus, the island is very much “open for business”

Ayia Napa

There is a range of diverse things to do Cyprus, though one of the most common people come for is to party. Ayia Napa which is in the south-eastern region of the island is a bastion for clubbers and has been for nearly 25 years.

The second largest clubbing district in the world Ayia Napa is also blessed with sandy beaches, Nissi Beach being the most popular, where people can engage in sun bathing, water sports and all the benefits of fun in the sun.

The clubbing district of the area is filled with restaurants and clubs and has gotten back the mojo it once lost. Places such as the Castle Club have been given a new lease of life and are once again holding their own for clubbers.


If you’re not into heavy beats, fluorescent paint and hedonism then Ayia Napa probably isn’t for you. However Paphos offers a rich tapestry of culture showcasing the islands history. The Tombs of Kings, Adonis Bath Waterfalls among others are very popular and some of the most spectacular ancient sites in the Mediterranean.


Cyprus is not purely about visiting sites or going clubbing and a little bit of enjoyable downtime can be had enjoying a coffee. Fikardou, which is seen as a true reflection of the past, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It offers that coffee in the setting you dreamed of, in an open shop window, on the side of windy stone laden streets. The coffee is not bad either, after all the Cypriots were the ones who invented the Frappe.

Visitors to Cyprus would also be advised to indulge in some Meze. This is something like Tapas and involves a number of meat and fish dishes in hot and cold. Ask some locals to see where they eat for the best food and the best prices.


Though Nissi Beach is beautiful, it can be very busy and there are quieter more quaint sandy enclaves to relax on. The Cypriot coastline stretches for hundreds of miles and beaches are made of and with large rocky bays, which are ideal for those who wish to enjoy a spot of snorkelling. The surrounding area is rich with life and you’ll be more than happy to spend a few hours enjoying the company of Nemo and the gang.

Avakas Gorge

The Avakas Gorge is a little bit out and you may need a car to get there, however, it is truly worth it. The gorge, which is up to 30m high in places, is a spectacular sight and virtually untouched by human hands. It offers some of the most amazing sites in the Mediterranean and should be seen.


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