What To Do If You Are Hit By An Uninsured Driver


Being involved in a car accident is bad enough. That bad situation can be made worse if you are hit by an uninsured driver, or by one who does not stop to give you their details.

There are things that you should do in the eventuality that you are hit by an uninsured driver. It is important to try to do these things as it minimises the chance that it will leave you out of pocket.

As with every kind of motoring claim the most important thing to do is to gather absolutely as much evidence as possible. This is true even for cases where the other party is properly insured, but it is doubly important if they do not have the proper insurance.

It is in fact a good idea to be suspicious, even if the other driver seems to be cooperating by sharing their insurance details willingly. Remember that they could be lying, so do not be too trusting, and gather as much information as you can just in case.

Photographs are really useful as far as evidence goes. You may have a camera of some kind on your mobile phone. If you don’t always carry such a device with you it can be worth the money to invest in a cheap disposable camera to keep in your car’s glove compartment at all times. These only cost a few pounds, and can be a good idea even if you usually have a camera on a phone with you because  a dead battery is anything but a rare occurrence – especially with ‘smart’ phones.

What should you photograph? The short answer is ‘everything’. If you have a disposable camera reserved for this purpose then expose every shot on it. Get good pictures of any damage to cars. Also make sure to take some shots that clearly establish the position of all the vehicle involved  before they are moved. Also try to get a shot of the other driver as well – it is possible that this will enrage them, especially if they are an uninsured law breaker, so try to be subtle about this. This is another reason why a disposable camera can be a good idea, in case they decide to take it out on the equipment.

So-called ‘road-rage’ is a real danger in this kind of situation, and it is important to keep a cool head. Control your anger – if you discover that you have been hit by an uninsured driver you absolutely must not lash out. The fact that they have already broken the law will not excuse you from assaulting them. You will be placing yourself in the wrong, and a dented car is not worth going to prison over. Equally you should brook no aggression form the other party – if you feel threatened retreat to safety and call the police.

Take a note of all of the other driver’s details. Do a quick check when you can, perhaps on 192.com to see if the details are valid. If anything seems suspicious contact the police. Although the police will be reluctant to get involved if there have not been any injuries, it is a crime to give false details, so insist on being given a crime number.

It is vitally important to contact your own insurers absolutely as soon as possible if you have an accident. Often failure to do so can break the terms of the small print in your agreement with them and they will use that to avoid having to pay out.

Lastly you should remember that in these kind of matters, the only person on your side is you. Insurers want only not to pay, and the police have other concerns. Legal advice is often the only way to get help after road traffic accidents.

Stay safe out there.


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