Common Safety Courses


There are a number of safety courses out there, however some are mor common and more useful than others – the courses below are of significant importance in ensuring health and safety in business

Simply put, health and safety training is an essential in all businesses in this day and age. Every walk of life carries risks and problems that may affect safety of those working there and so adequate training is a must.

There are so many health and safety courses to choose from – so, which are the most popular and what do more of them actually do?

First Aid

The first aid course is exactly as you would imagine it to be – a course that covers simple first aid requirements and ensures that someone working in a place of employment is capable of taking care of the most basic medical needs. First aid courses offer the most common, but all the same the most necessary sorts of courses to individuals in the UK. These course cover the basic care giving, from the recovery position, CPR and how to dress cuts to more advanced courses which cover a whole array of more serious issues. They may be the most common, but that is because they are the most important.

Manual Handling

The manual handling or the lifting course as it is more commonly known, trains people to lift and move items properly and so ensure they don’t damage their backs. Back injury is one of the UKs most common reasons for missing work and the number one cause of injury in the work place. This course goes through a number of the basics to try and prevent such issues from coming about.

Site safety

Most injuries in the workplace happen on building sites. This is for a number of reasons – heavy machinery, easy going attitudes and complacency as well as half built structures, open wiring and a number of other reasons make construction work the most dangerous of all the UKs. Site safety courses address these issues and make people aware of the problems on hand and so allow them to prevent injury by taking action before a problem occurs.

Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos awareness allows people to locate asbestos in buildings of the vintage, where the material was used and then allows them to decide whether action is needed and what is necessary to be done to make the area safe. Asbestos has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and causes breathing difficulties in many others. Though it is not used as in building anymore it is quite prevalent still in older buildings. Asbestos awareness allows people to deal with this issue.

Food Safety

When a person goes to a restaurant they expect food to be safe to eat. The Food safety course ensures that it is and allows takers the knowledge to make informed decisions on how to ensure food is stored, prepared and served in a safe manner that won’t endanger health. This course is a necessity for anyone in the food industry and can prevent illness and also heavy fines and long closures.


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