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Being involved in a car accident is bad enough. That bad situation can be made worse if you are hit by an uninsured driver, or by one who does not stop to give you their details. There are things that you should do in the eventuality that you are hit by an uninsured driver. It […]

Although Fred Dibnah is sadley no longer with us, the appeal of seeing massive smoke-stacks crumble remains. innovation is also continuing to enter this field as this video shows: Eschewing explosives, the demolitionists in this video get the job done with just a some pick up trucks and a little rope. The 67m, 140tonne chimney […]

The problem with electric cars has always been that they aren’t very good at going. They are very good at not excreting harmful pollutants and quite good at being silent but they don’t tend to be able to go very far or very fast. The problem is that they require big batteries which are heavy […]

Foxhayes Garage Exeter: Idiot of the week. This weeks idiot is the owner of Foxhayes Garage in Exwick, Exeter. Whilst most petrol stations in Exeter had run out of petrol he still has some supplies. Seeing that people where desperate for fuel and didn’t have a lot of other options he raised his prices. The […]

Landrover Freelander 2 Commercial. According to the ever knowledgeable Orlandy’s Lander Rovers, a new, commercial variant of the Freelander 2 is set to be released next month. The Freelander 2 Commercial will be available in ‘S’ and ‘XS’ versions and will feature similar trim to the standard Freelander. In fact it will be similar to […]