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Converyancing can be a lengthy process so before you go into it, it is best to be aware of the situation and what is involved. Conveyance is the movement of property deeds or legal title from one person to another, or granting the encumbrance of a mortgage or loan to another person. The first thing […]

In the United Kingdom, there are a number of bodies who seek to regulate different parts of the financial services industry. Here we look at the role of some of the main bodies, and how they seek to maintain standards and protect consumers. Financial Services Authority (FSA) The most important financial regulator, the FSA has […]

With over one third of UK adults having made no provision for their retirement, here we examine the importance of making pension provision, from how little the state provides, to examples of the contributions you might have to make, to an outline of the various options open to you.

Investment bonds are one of the most common forms of investment as they are seen as safe. Though, what are the risks to investment bonds, we find out?

I’ve been spending the afternoon combing through the information available on the Office for National Statistics website which is perhaps more interesting than it sounds. Admittedly a great deal of the information to be found on their site is either far too complex or far too dull to capture the imagination but there are certainly […]