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The Pasty: great British food. There has been a bit of confusing lately about what a Pastie or Pasty actually is. A writer from the New York Times had never had a pasty and attempted to correct The Economist when they referred to them. He thought that ‘Cornish Pasties’ was a misspelling of ‘Cornish Pastries’ […]

This video speaks for itself. It is instructive and delivers a message of innovation, adaptation and the conquering of adversity. Or at least the conquering of not being able to cook bacon and eggs in your hotel room.

Just love the crackly line they peel them with their metal knives…..then they smash them up to bits followed by hoots of robot laughter. Enjoy the classic Cadbury’s Smash TV Advert

I have been looking for summer holiday ideas as a method of banishing the post-Christmas blues. When it is gray and wet outside it is nice to look at brochures and online for holiday inspiration, if you look at sunny summer photos for long enough you can even forget about how cold you are and […]

Giles Coren’s Rant at The Times. Giles Coren is my idiot of the week yet again. Last time he was slagging off the Great British Breakfast, this time he has lashed out in an email at the editors at The Times for editing. Seems strange as this is their job but Mr Coren seems to […]