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You may just be scared of doctors and prefer a nurse to take your blood pressure readings.


Knitting for cancer – Macmillan Cancer Support employ a “Knit-Bot” to knit your submissions onto a scarf aimed to convince the government to help with fuel poverty.

When a crime is committed there is a lot of focus on the criminal. There is the hunt for the perpetrator, the stuff of newspaper headlines and countless TV dramas, and then comes the trial and punishment for the criminal. In all of this it is easy to overlook the impacts of whatever the crime was on victims.

Judging by the people I pass on a weekly basis about half of those who run or jog do so whilst listening to music. Personally I could bear to run for an hour and a half without any kind of distraction at all, I find that time drags unless I have some music on. I […]

Should we be allowed to nap at work? Did you know that it is National Siesta Day today? Finally we all have an excuse for falling asleep at our desks (as if the crushing monotony wasn’t a good enough excuse). A 10-20 minute power nap has been proven to increase productivity by 30%. The only […]