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Moving out


Moving out Anyone who actually pays attention to this blog (it’s a long shot) will know that I have been homeless for months now. Not literally homeless but alternating between my parents and my gf’s parents. We are doing this whilst we wait for our new landlord to move out so that we can move […]

Free Conservatory or Private Jet? Sellers turn to desperate measures as housing market struggles. House owners and estate agents are turning to desperate measures to sell houses, including throwing in added extras. As mortgages become less available sellers are finding it increasingly difficult to find buyers especially ones willing to pay full price. As sellers […]

If you are planning to sell your house any time soon you will need to have an EPC (energy performance rating) certificate. This is a part of a HIP (home information pack) which is now compulsory for the sale of all flats or houses. Each house submitted is given a rating between A and G. Houses which receive an A rating are considered to be the most energy efficient and will in term have the lowest energy bills. There are some straight forward things you can do to improve your energy efficiency rating…