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Guest post by Jey Using a calling card, also known as a telephone card, is pretty easy once you have it in hand. You just need to use the toll-free number on the card (this appears as either a 1-888 or 1-800 number), dial it and enter the PIN using the number pad on your […]

(Updated post) How to use Twitter If you’ve spent a lot of time on the internet recently you have probably heard a lot about Micro-blogging and more specificaly, Twitter. I’ve noticed that a lot of people have heard of, but don’t know how to use Twitter. I’ve been using it for a while now so […]

Itunes Genius Playlist Generator Itunes version 8.0 features a new peice of software designed to autonmaticlly create playlist of similar sounding music. The new feature is called (with characteristic modesty) Genius. So far the feedback has mostly suggested that it is incorrectly named. Those who have already downloaded Itunes 8 can try out the feature […]

Search terms, how coffee should taste and Natalie Portman naked. I always read Charlie Brooker’s column on the Guardian site for a bit of light relief. When I feel like the whole world has gone mad and I’m the only one who notices it along comes Mr Brooker ranting away and pointing out the stupidity […]

Moving out


Moving out Anyone who actually pays attention to this blog (it’s a long shot) will know that I have been homeless for months now. Not literally homeless but alternating between my parents and my gf’s parents. We are doing this whilst we wait for our new landlord to move out so that we can move […]