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Ireland features many lively festivals throughout the year, and here are a few of the most popular. If you are planning on travelling to Ireland, why not plan your visit so that you can attend an exciting festival? There are literally hundreds of festivals happening in Ireland all throughout the year. From small local county […]

This is simply very, very cool.

Cyprus combines party going and beautiful scenery; here is some of the best of what this island nation has on offer and advise you on where to see. Cyprus combines two rich cultures, Turkish and Greek in its languages, culture and even its regions. The country is as ideal of location for archaeologists as it […]

This video speaks for itself. It is instructive and delivers a message of innovation, adaptation and the conquering of adversity. Or at least the conquering of not being able to cook bacon and eggs in your hotel room.

South Africa is often said to have three capital cities. Johannesburg is not one of them, despite being the largest city in the country by population. Johannesburg is a city of surprises, with much to offer the visitor. Geographically there are a few quirks which Johannesburg residents are delighted to point out. One is that […]