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1. Video: Rare Baby Southeast Asian clouded Leopards Make First Appearance. The best bit of the video is right at the end when the Leopard meows, too cute for words. 2. The 2010 Tour de France on The Big Picture. Amazing photojournalism from the world’s greatest bike race. 3. Villagers in Dorset hamlet of Shitterton […]

This week’s links post is a little early but I’m going away for a bit so here is what I have found online this week so far: 1. What, if anything, is Big Bird? A presentation by Zoologist Mike Dickison about the possible origins of everyone’s favorite giant talking bird. 2. Super-fast ninja cat attack. […]

Australia has a reputation for having beautiful weather, beaches that go on for miles and a laid back atmosphere. It is one of the top locations for traveler from the UK many of whom know someone who has emigrated to Australia. It’s not all sun, sand and BBQs however – Australia has some of the […]

1. China Farmer Fights Eviction With Homemade Rocket Cannon. Yang Youde has successfully thwarted two attempts to flatten his home in Wuhan, Hubei province by firing the cannon toward demolition crews. 2. Retro kicks: a perfectly preserved 5,500-year-old shoe has been discovered in a cave in Armenia. 3. The Seat Buddy is a great way […]

Its Thursday which means its time to share with you what I have discovered on the internet so far this week: 1. Army of frogs closes Greek highway – Bonus points if you pictured frogs in tiny tin helmets driving tiny green tanks. 2. British women are the ‘most shapely women in world‘. The best-selling […]