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Investment bonds are one of the most common forms of investment as they are seen as safe. Though, what are the risks to investment bonds, we find out?


New laws are being considered by the government, which would make it illegal to keep a car without car insurance, are expected to be unveiled within the next few days. But sceptics fear that innocent motorists may get caught out too easily. The new rules, originally part of the Road Safety Act 2006, are designed to […]

by Elena Price. A survey conducted recently has shown that a large percentage of British citizens are unaware of how much is in their bank accounts. Prompting concerns over how people deal with their day to day budgeting. The statistics are worth worrying about,  as it turns out up to two thirds of British adults […]

Mobile Banking


Mobile Banking You can probably access your Bank account in several different ways. Online banking has taken off in a big way in recent years and most banks offer this service. You can even use telephone banking if you don’t have regular access to the internet. Now there may be another way to keep your […]

Is your bank account in the Green? I wrote previously about how high speed broadband could contribute towards living a greener lifestyle. This got me thinking about other ways in which small changes in our lifestyles can affect the environment. A quick Google search showed that several companies are attempting to make themselves and their […]