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Free Dubstep Mixes Collection A collection of links to free Dubstep mixes from Skream, Skulldisco, Bunzer0, N-Type, Kode9 and many others. This aims to be a definitive list of all the places to get great Dubstep Mixes. If you know of any I haven’t listed (I’m sure there’s loads) add a comment or email me […]

Emmanuel Jal – From child soldier to Rap star. Emmanuel Jal has had a very turbulant life. His story is not your traditional rags to riches, street to studio tale we are used to hearing from rappers however as Emmanuel was once a child soldier fighting in Ethiopia. His story is so fasinating that it […]

Fridays Links: Dubstep mixes, moustache battle, Rambo, and the aroma of coffee. You must have heard of Dubstep by now? If not a quick recap here. The blog has a collection of free mixes mostly from Rinse FM. Distance, N-Type, Kode9 and Appleblim are all featured. These mixes are actually pretty old (classic?) for […]

Muxtape Hacked?


Muxtape Hacked? Is it just me or has been hacked? Earlier this evening I was uploading songs to Muxtape when it stopped loading. Now whenever I go to each individual mix each song has been replaced by Aim (with stephen Jones) – Good disease [Babybird does a Prince thing]. I have emailed the Muxtape […]

Kanye West Mixtape. Once again I have another great mix for you to download. This one is by Kanye West to support the realease of the single ‘Can’t tell me nothing’. Features Kanye (obviously) along with Common, Ne-Yo, T-pain and the always excellent Talib Kwel. This is mixed by Plain Pat. Tracklisting: 01. Kanye West […]