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These days most people try to  keep their carbon footprints as small as possible by cutting down on car journeys and turning off unneeded appliances. Unfortunately international air travel has gained a reputation for being one of the less ecological friendly modes of transport. This may cross our mind when think about booking a flight […]

A recent survey has looked into the price of travel from the UK and compared it with the perceived cost making some dramatic discoveries. The survey looked into the cost of travel to 30 countries from blighty including the cost of flights. The overall cost was calculated by looking at the prices of typical holiday […]

Given the positive response to my post following the Haiti earthquake I though I would write another post about how you can help the relief effort for the Pakistan floods. Pakistan has been hit by the worst flooding in the region in 80 years, 1.5 million people in the north of the country are thought […]

Ralph Mothes and his partner Paloma Werner were cruising off the coast of South Africa in their 33ft yacht when they spotted a Whale on the horizon. The couple thought little of it, they are seasoned yachtsmen and often see Whales on their travels. The Whale came closer to the boat and slapped it’s tail […]

Talk to anyone planning a holiday at the moment and chances are their number one concern is volcanic ash. We are not used to volcanic eruptions interfering with our travel plans but it seems as if it is going to become an ongoing problem. The flight restrictions which kept many of the airports in the […]