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This has to be one of the most anticipated trailers in video game history. This brief video clip has set the internet ablaze with speculation, and surely sets the stage for the game it is advertising to become one of the biggest media stories of 2012. That game is of course Grand Theft Auto Five. […]

If you are anything like me, every day you don’t get breakfast in bed brought to you by your personal robot IS LIKE A KNIFE IN THE HEART to the dreams and ambitions that you had for living in the future. Fortunately we are seeing progress on this, as this video shows: The robots have […]

The Titan Arum is a somewhat unusual flower as you can tell from its nickname ‘the stinky corpse flower’. We tend to think of flowers as being small and delicate with a pleasant aroma but as you may have guessed the Titan Arum is far from pleasant. It tends to not bloom for years at […]

Do Bad Carpets Make People Gamble More? Have you ever noticed that Casinos always have bright, gaudy carpets? They tend to have swirling patterns of clashing colours which have never been considered tasteful. We all know why you wont find a clock in the Circus Circus but why the crappy carpets? Here are some possible […]