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Rising fees on everything from current accounts to cash withdrawals, higher interests on loans, lower returns on investments – this is what happens when a good bank goes bad. Thing like fees or dissatisfaction with customer service and opening hours are all things that can spur the consumer into changing bank accounts. Why not shop […]

At various times in your lifetime you are probably going to need a Lawyer.

Sharia banks operate very differently than regular banks, especially when it comes to loans and interest. Sharia finance refers to banking activity which is consistent with Islamic Law. There are many ways that Sharia financial practices are different from regular lending, such as the way Islamic banking regulates loans. Just as first time buyer mortgages […]

These days the state of the economy is big news with by the hour coverage of share prices and interest rates dominating the news channels. Some days it feels like the only people who are making money are the economics correspondents (I’m fairly sure that Robert Preston caused the recession somehow for his own gain). […]

Catching a flight can be a stressful task as anyone who has ever watched ‘Airline’ will know. The combination of the risk of missing your flight or forgetting your passport and the perceived risk of going down in flames is enough to put anybody on edge. Even though we know that air travel is much […]