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6 Responses to “contact”

  1. 1 daz

    did you know that the pasty was invented in devon? well it’s true.

  2. 2 John Miller (Executor).

    I am writing on behalf of [name redacted] – [license number redacted], as her Executor. Mrs.Dennison, unfortunately passed away on October 6th 2008.
    I pressume you will amend your records accordingly.
    My address is as follows:-
    Please confirm that this is in order and that the account is closed. Thankyou.

  3. Hi, I’m David.
    I have a double glazing website called SEHBAC, and I was interested in having a link on your site.
    I would be able to provide you with blog content (such as a posting, if you could allow a text link inside), or link exchange or more if you have other requirements, such as a ink swap or compensation via paypal?
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Warm regards,

  4. 4 Mrs I.V Heywood

    I will be 75 on 13th April 09. I want to pay my TV license up to that date but I cant cant get help from paypoints. I want to know how much is due and how to pay.

    My national insurance number is: [redacted]

    Can’t you make this process a little easier for someone like me?

  5. 5 MRK1

    Hey mate

    could you post this new mix ive done

    Additional Vocals – VIRUS SYNDICATE

    1. MRK1 – KILLZONE
    2. unknown – dubplate
    3. Luke Envoy – Forward (Jakes Remix)
    4. Skream – FILTH
    5. MRK1 – Magnetic Devise
    6. Skream – Metal Mouth
    7. MRK1 – Feel Loved
    8. Real 2 Real – Move It (MRK1 Remix)
    9. Jakes – Rock the Bells
    10. MRK1 – Going Down
    11. Skream – Aggy Face
    12. Chrissy Chris – ?
    13. Caspa – Wheres my money
    14. AC SLATER – Turn up the Bassline
    15. Stenchman – ?
    16. Skream – Meta-Lik
    17. Jakes – Janoo
    18. Lost – Neck Back
    19. MRK1 – X-statik
    20. ? – Technology
    21. MRK1 – Throw Your Toys Out
    22. MRK1 – Moving Toad
    23. MRK1 – Chain Her Up
    24. MRK1 – unknown ?

    For bookings contact:

  6. 6 Marvin Johnson


    Dear Sirs,

    Could this device be adapted to suck up an oil slick?

    We need some such device in the Gulf NOW!


    Marvin Johnson

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