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Giles Coren’s Rant at The Times. Giles Coren is my idiot of the week yet again. Last time he was slagging off the Great British Breakfast, this time he has lashed out in an email at the editors at The Times for editing. Seems strange as this is their job but Mr Coren seems to […]

Moving out


Moving out Anyone who actually pays attention to this blog (it’s a long shot) will know that I have been homeless for months now. Not literally homeless but alternating between my parents and my gf’s parents. We are doing this whilst we wait for our new landlord to move out so that we can move […]

Do you remember when the year 2008 seemed like the future? Not the future in the sense of something yet to happen but the future in that everything would be different and exciting? Watching Tomorrow’s World as a young boy it seemed like by 2008 we would be zipping around on hoverboards, in strange Lycra […]

I’ve just recovered from my first Cold/virus of the year and It was typically brutal. Yes brutal. If you’re female then you may believe in something called man-flu which means a cold blown out of all proportion, but this is a common mistake. Lets just say that if you think childbirth is bad, try having […]

Black Gold.


Apparently smaller, independent coffee shops actually benefit from nearby Starbucks stores. The theory goes thus: Starbucks makes people who wouldn’t normally bother, try fancy coffee. These people are turned into caffeine zombies requiring a daily fix. The long waiting times and the exorbitant prices force these consumers to look elsewhere and they discover the little […]