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The Pasty: great British food. There has been a bit of confusing lately about what a Pastie or Pasty actually is. A writer from the New York Times had never had a pasty and attempted to correct The Economist when they referred to them. He thought that ‘Cornish Pasties’ was a misspelling of ‘Cornish Pastries’ […]

I’m not a big fan of Little Comets (the band, I quite like small comets). Their music doesn’t really grab me, it seems like inoffensive indie for students. What does grab me is this music video for their single The Isles. It features some amazing footage of modern Britain shot in a documentary style. It’s […]

A recent survey has looked into the price of travel from the UK and compared it with the perceived cost making some dramatic discoveries. The survey looked into the cost of travel to 30 countries from blighty including the cost of flights. The overall cost was calculated by looking at the prices of typical holiday […]

Its Thursday which means its time to share with you what I have discovered on the internet so far this week: 1. Army of frogs closes Greek highway – Bonus points if you pictured frogs in tiny tin helmets driving tiny green tanks. 2. British women are the ‘most shapely women in world‘. The best-selling […]

I’ve been spending the afternoon combing through the information available on the Office for National Statistics website which is perhaps more interesting than it sounds. Admittedly a great deal of the information to be found on their site is either far too complex or far too dull to capture the imagination but there are certainly […]